How To Deal With Adderall Addict?

Adderall Addict

Whether it is you or anyone in your family who is abusing Adderall, it will be daunting to confront them about their situation. Fortunately, there are a lot of rehab centers in the U.S. that can help you intervene with your addicted loved one.

Furthermore, we included in this read some vital details about Adderall Addiction and what are the possible treatments available in the industry. Continue reading to learn more about it.

The Importance of Intervention

AdderallAddicts have a hard time figuring out if they are abusing the substance or not, with that, you need to tell them of their real condition. This is where intervention plays a critical role because it aims to gradually break down the reality of the addict and how his unhealthy behavior is destroying his life.

Alongside this, you have two intervention methods: friends and family; and professional interventions. Below are further discussions about each type.

  • Friend and Family Interventions

In this approach, you can form a circle where all loved ones, close friends, and colleagues join the session. Each one of you will prepare a personal message about your concerns and observations about the addict’s changes when before he and after he started his addiction.

At the end of each speech, the family members and close friends will implicitly emphasize the need to undergo rehab to regain one’s life back. Moreover, it is best not to have a judgmental or negative tone with all your speeches towards the addict, to avoid disputes and making him decide not to go into treatment.

  • Professional Interventions

If you and other members of the family are not confident of doing the intervention on your own, then work this out with an addiction specialist or counselor. These professionals will be the ones facilitating the intervention and will serve as the mediator as well, in case there are questions or slight conflict.

Therefore, this can be your best option to help your addicted family member accept one’s condition and the need to undergo rehab. Once the addict has decided to enroll in treatment, your next step will be finding a reputable rehab center in your vicinity.

Signs that Your Loved One is Addicted to Adderall

Here are some of the common signs you can observe to tell if your family member is abusing Adderall.

  • Isolating oneself or being secretive
  • Financial problems because of always purchasing the drug
  • Using other people’s prescription bottle to possess Adderall
  • Escaping family and personal responsibilities in life, work, or school
  • Having low hygiene
  • Securing many prescriptions from different doctors

Withdrawal Symptoms of Adderall Abuse

The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms vary depending on how long the person is abusing the stimulant, and the dosage is taken. Nevertheless, here are the typical withdrawal effects from gradually stopping in taking the prescription drug.

  • Irregular sleeping pattern
  • Feeling dizzy and vomiting
  • Losing weight
  • Depression and anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Tremors
  • Panic attacks
  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Dry mouth

Treatment Options for Adderall Addicts

You are done with the daunting intervention stage, and now you’re going for the main event which is the treatment plan for your addicted loved one. In general, there are two options – inpatient and outpatient recovery programs.

Inpatient Treatment

In Patient RehabInpatient rehab is highly recommended if your loved one’s addiction is moderate to intense. A rehab center is fully equipped with advanced tools, equipment, medicines, and highly trained medical staff to cater to the needs of your addict family member for recovery.

There is 24/7 medical assistance for the patient in case he suffers from intense withdrawal symptoms. Besides that, a rehab center has a homey appeal rather than a hospital-grade ambiance.

Also, it has a structured system with balanced activities to cater to the regular routine of our loved ones. There is exercise, games, counseling, medication, detoxification, study period, and other activities that will help your loved one maintain a healthy habit.

Outpatient Treatment

For this treatment plan, the patient will be staying in his original house, where he gets to do his usual activities. Nevertheless, he needs to follow his schedules for counseling, assessment, detox, and medications.

There is greater freedom for an outpatient plan, yet it also poses risk for your loved ones to be tempted in using the substance again. With that, outpatient treatment is usually given for light addiction or when the patient has finished his inpatient program.

Ways of Supporting Your Addict Family Member

Whether your loved one is going for an inpatient or outpatient rehab plan, you can always support him in this endeavor. Below are some ways of how you can do it.

  • You can drive him for his counseling or assessment sessions.
  • You can join in family group therapy sessions, where you provide emotional and moral support.
  • Keeping open and non-judgmental communication with your loved one.
  • Writing some letters or giving customized gifts to show your genuine concern for his or her condition and recovery.
  • After his inpatient treatment, you can prepare his room to be safe and free from any risk factors that can tempt him to use those substances again.
  • Ensure he is getting a balanced diet every day.
  • Spend some leisure activities with your loved one, like his favorite game, movie, or talk show.

People Common To Abuse Adderall

Substance use disorder can happen to anyone in all life stages, may it be your teenage years or adulthood stage. For Adderall abuse, here are the common people reported to commit this unhealthy behavior.

  • AdderallHigh school and college students
  • IT employees
  • Construction workers
  • People with anorexia
  • Those with a history of substance abuse or alcoholism

Besides that, here are the common substances abused by addicts who are also into Adderall misuse and abuse.

  • Pain relievers
  • Antacids
  • Decongestants
  • Blood thinners
  • Anti-epileptic medicines
  • Antidepressants

When Is the Right Time for Treatment

Getting medical assistance as early as possible is the rule of thumb for treating drug addiction. You cannot afford to let you or your loved one’s addiction linger that long, for the health consequences can worsen over time.

Talk to a doctor or addiction specialist regarding Adderall Addiction, so you will know how to handle it. Likewise, they can give you a suitable treatment program so that you can recover early.