What Is Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol AddictionAddiction to drugs or alcohol differs from one individual to another and so does the treatment plans. The length and intensity of any given recovery program varies depending on your specific needs. Based on the severity of your addiction, you can either take part in an inpatient alcohol treatment or outpatient alcohol treatment. In this context, we are going to find some deep insights and concepts about outpatient alcohol treatment.

Outpatient alcohol treatment is a drug / alcohol recovery program whereby you are allowed to get help with Alcohol Use Disorder AUD without affecting your daily roles and responsibilities such as kids, family, job or school. At the end of each treatment session, you are allowed to return home and continue with your daily roles and responsibilities.

Just like the inpatient treatment program, outpatient alcohol rehab is provided as a complete package of medication assisted detox, diverse forms of therapies, counselling periods and support groups to help you overcome possible triggers and attain long-term sobriety.

To help individuals overcome dangerous drinking behaviours, many local rehab facilities has been set up offering a diverse set of outpatient programs aimed at offering a comprehensive recovery package that meets individual’s specific needs.

For you to get the most out of the outpatient alcohol rehab, you must be fully aware of the types of outpatient alcohol rehab programs available, what to expect, pros and cons as well as factors to consider to know if the program meets your ideal needs.

Is Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Good For You?

Alcohol AddictionIf you do not have a serious drinking problem and you have a stable home environment, doctors may recommend outpatient treatment for your case. it is a less intense treatment method suitable for people with mild alcohol addiction and those with tight family and work schedules.

During the first few weeks of outpatient alcohol treatment, you will be required to visit the rehab centre daily as you move on with your daily responsibilities. As you continue with recovery and your condition becomes more stable, the doctor lessens your appointment frequency.

If you have been struggling with long-term alcohol addiction, outpatient treatment is not for you. You are therefore advised to look for a more intense program for your case because of the expected difficult withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detoxification.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Any Type Of Outpatient Treatment

Quitting alcohol can be a difficult task for you, if you never knew. It is a tough journey marked by tough withdrawal symptoms that may be difficult for you to handle on your own. That is why it is highly advisable you see a doctor first before deciding on the recovery program to use.

There are several factors you need to consider to see whether it is good for you to go for an outpatient alcohol treatment.

Budget- alcohol recovery is an expensive investment, but it is worth it. Compared to in-patient treatment, outpatient treatment is way back cheaper since you do not stay within the rehab facility in the entire treatment period. Therefore, if your budget does not allow you to go for intense treatment, you can go for out-patient treatment find your way to recovery.

Environment – if your home does provide you with a conducive environment for drug recovery, then outpatient treatment is the thing for you. Your family and friends will walk with you in your journey to recovery, offering you all the necessary support you need during recovery.

Time available – if you are working under a very tight schedule or you are kids and family to look after, go for an outpatient program because when you enrol for an in-patient alcohol treatment, you are restricted from carrying on your daily responsibilities until when your condition stabilizes.

Availability of local rehab centres – depending on which part of the world you stay, find out what your local rehab facilities offer. If your local rehab centre offers outpatient alcohol rehab only, then, you are left with no option but to go for what they offer as long as it will help you overcome that nasty addiction.

Types Of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs

Today, in the US and other parts of the world, alcohol addiction has greatly affected the lives of many people across all walks of life. There has been a need to create recovery programs that can fit the lifestyles of many individuals.

Intensive outpatient programs– these are structured and fully supervised rehab sessions that offers flexible treatment periods. It can either be during day time or evenings and suitable for individuals with tight work schedules and those with a strong support at home.

Day treatment programs – this type of outpatient rehab takes place 5-7 days a week and the doctors provide an intensive full or half day programs and you allowed to go home at the end of each session. The program is more structured and the patient receives medical detox, therapies, counselling and support groups. The length of the day treatment programs depends on the severity of your addiction.

Counselling and therapies – once you are through with residential rehab treatment, counselling and therapy is offered as part of treatment to help you deal with your emotions and root causes of your addiction. This after-care treatment is offered on scheduled appointments.

Support groups – support groups or care groups helps you maintain sobriety. It provides a powerful platform whereby you can freely share your challenges with recovery and find help through the open forums and debates. You also get to learn a lot from members of your care group who have made it.

Looking For An Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Alcohol AddictionAfter deciding to quite alcohol, the next thing is to identify the right rehab centre that meets your needs. At this point, you must be totally aware of what you need during alcohol treatment.

For you to recover from drugs the fastest and safest way, go for a rehab centre that offers what’s most important to you during recovery. This could be in terms of amenities, resources and programs that offers the right type of treatment methods that meets your needs.

It is also a great idea to go for a rehab centre that offers a flexible schedule that you can comfortably work with. Go for alcohol treatment in a rehab centre with certified treatment specialists to help you out of the addiction.

The types of services and amenities offered at the facility also matters most if a safe and quick recovery is to be achieved. Do a proper research to find out whether the rehab centre is known for successful alcohol recovery so that you can walk in with confidence knowing that they have helped many people overcome alcohol dependency.

A rehab centre that offers affordable packages is to be preferred. To avoid financial crisis that might put you into mental problems in future, always go for an alcohol treatment program that you can afford.

Pros And Cons Of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Just like any other medication, outpatient treatment programs have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important you know the merits and demerits to help you make an informed decision.


  • You maintain your normal routine, offering you a balance between family, work and rehab
  • Less expensive compared to inpatient alcohol treatment
  • Offers you an opportunity to practice what you learn in your daily treatment sessions
  • Friends and family can accompany you to the rehab centre
  • It does not interrupt your life’s priorities.


  • Low success rate
  • Not good for individuals with severe addiction

What Happens During Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Approaching alcohol addiction recovery from a point of knowledge is the best way to go. This helps you reduce the pressure and anxiety you experience when you visit the rehab facilities. It also helps you to be physically and mentally prepared on what to expect during recovery.

In cases of severe addiction, a patient starts treatment with an in-patient program and after the condition stabilises, the patient is put in an outpatient alcohol treatment. Also, in mild cases of alcohol treatment, outpatient treatment can be recommended.

When you visit the rehab centre, you first do what is expected of you, like register your attendance and then wait to be called in for an appointment with a specialist psychotherapist.

The doctor will require that you give genuine information about your addiction in the one-on-one session with him. You will discuss about the root causes of your addiction, what triggers addiction and the role of alcohol addiction in your life. Various tests and therapies are carried out to determine the level of your addiction and the presence of any medical concern that requires special attention during treatment. After this, the doctors recommends whether an inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment.

The doctor puts you in a flexible day, evening or weekend outpatient alcohol treatment to help you quit alcohol with less hustles. If you are a self-motivated individual, this program can work wonders for you.

What You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol AddictionAlcohol dependency is a severed physical and mental disorder that needs to be treated immediately you realise it. What delays recovery is denial and being unaware that you are in a serious problem and that you need help.

Just like any other medical condition, you need to find help from professionals who will help you get out of the addiction while ensuring safety and stability to your health.

What starts as a single sip of alcohol can progress to a level where you do not have control over how much you drink and the frequency of drinking. Your body gets used to alcohol till it reaches a point that it is difficult to function without influence of drugs.

The way you handle challenges and life’s stressors while drunk is totally different from how you handle them in sobriety. It can be so overwhelming training your brain to cope with daily life’s stressors without drugs.

Now that you have decided to quit drugs, you need to be aware of the physical and mental effects of withdrawal and know how to deal with these symptoms at every step of recovery. The severity and length of these withdrawal symptoms depends on several factors like the length of the addiction, age, gender, genetics, other substance abuse and presence of chronic disease.

Alcohol detox is the first step to recovering from an alcohol addiction. In itself it’s not treatment but part of the treatment process. Within 6-24 hours after the last drink, that’s when severe effects of sudden alcohol cessation. The withdrawal symptoms are a sign of no alcohol in the blood and the body was already used to alcohol.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

  • Headache
  • Nausea / vomiting
  • Strong cravings for alcohol
  • Uncontrolled shaking especially hands
  • Delirium tremens (DTs)
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Profuse sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure

If proper medical attention is not provided, some of these withdrawal symptoms can become more severe and can result to loss of life. For instance, increased heart rate and high blood pressure can result to cardiac arrest if it goes without treatment.

Alcohol Drinking Is Harmful To Your Health

There are many factors that lead many people into alcohol addiction. Children brought up in families with alcohol drinking history are more likely to start alcohol abuse at a very tender age. Others start alcohol use during adolescent stage as a result of peer influence. Adult too fall trap of peer pressure. Some people start doing it for fun, to fit in a certain social group, to fight stress or overcome daily challenges.

No matter what led you into alcohol drinking which later progressed into a bad addiction, you need to know that alcohol is harmful to your mental and physical health. If you figure out your life now and how it used to be before the addiction, you will realise how badly the addiction has affected you.

Uncontrolled use of alcohol can also lead to change of behaviours and your social life can be badly affected. You end up becoming an irresponsible and unreliable person. You neglect your personal, family and professional responsibilities and your life gets into a real mess.

Learning how to stop drinking is the greatest decision that can change your life for better. However, you need to know that sobriety is not a one day event. It is a journey that calls for your patience and perseverance for you to overcome all the setbacks and difficulties of withdrawal. However, sobriety can be achieved if proper treatment and support is offered.

Why It Is Risky To Stop Alcohol Addiction At Home

Immediately you realise and admit that you are suffering with an alcohol addiction, don’t you dare treat yourself? Seek medical advice immediately. We have heard cases of death or other severe health complications as a result of difficult withdrawal symptoms that were not properly handled.

There are many risks involved with cold turkey recovery. This especially happens if the patient doesn’t have an idea of what happens during recovery and the implications of every single withdrawal symptom.

Before you decide on which alcohol treatment to choose, first seek medical advice. Do not compare yourself with other people. Your case is as unique as you are. What worked for others must not always work for you. Therefore, let the doctor diagnose your case and recommend the best alcohol treatment that works for you.

How Self-Care Speeds Your Journey To Recovery

Recovering from alcohol use disorder can be a very terrible experience especially in severe cases of addiction. Your family, friends and doctors will do their best to help you out of addiction but you the success of your recovery majorly depends on you.

How much are you concerned about your addiction problem? Do you admit that you are in a real mess and that you need help? Are careful enough to monitor your progress? Do you care about your physical and mental well-being? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to see whether you do care for yourself.

At this point in life, remember you have made a strong decision that is going to affect your entire life positively. You therefore need to stay focused on your goals and stay motivated throughout the recovery process. Your personal health should be your key priority and you need to find help immediately you realise a challenge that is tough to overcome on your own.

Arm Yourself With Discipline, Motivation And Will Power

These three ingredients can work magic for you if you are really determined to change your lifestyle. During recovery, you will experience periods of strong cravings and urge to drink alcohol. You will also meet with some of your old friends who will trick you to sip a little alcohol claiming it won’t affect you. You therefore need to stay strong and firm on your decisions.

Need Help With Alcohol Addiction?

If you find it difficult for you to control how much you drink and the frequency of drinking and you experience problems with your emotions when not drunk, just know that you are struggling with an addiction and you need help.

Why suffer with an addiction when we can help you. Gone are the days when alcohol addiction was viewed as a sign of character flaw or a social misconduct. Everyone now understands that alcoholism is a chronic mental and physical disease that requires medical attention.

Anyone can become a victim of alcohol dependency and that is why campaigns to sensitize people on drug / alcohol abuse are increasing every day. We do not want to hear of any alcohol related deaths since they can all be prevented if proper measures are taken. Call a doctor for help.

Do I Get Medication During Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Signs of withdrawal are similar whether you are put in an outpatient alcohol treatment or in-patient treatment program. The only difference is that for the outpatient program, symptoms are less severe based on the nature of the addiction.

All the same, medicated detox is offered to help ease the severe withdrawal symptoms and make the process bearable for everyone. These drugs are also meant to take care of your mental health as well. Remember that you are likely to experience heightened anxiety, stress and depression and they need to be treated for you to experience a safe withdrawal.

How To Deal With Stress During Alcohol Recovery

Stress and depression are more likely to be experienced during recovery. Now, it’s got to be the most difficult point in life because for the first time after many years you are going to deal with life’s stressors without the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol affects your neurotransmitters thus hindering your brain’s ability to deal with stress. You therefore need to develop strong coping tactics to help you overcome stress without the use of alcohol.

You must be ready and willing to face life’s reality and learn how to handle one thing at a time. Also know that there is no big stress that you can never overcome. You’ve got all what it takes to make it in life and achieve your dream.

Therefore, be strong, stay positive and motivated to win this battle and attain sobriety. Stay away from old friends you used to drink together since they’ll always lure you to drink more. Clear your home and get rid of all alcohol bottles and drinks that were accumulated during your active addiction. Change your hangout places and find new and creative ways on how to spend your free time.

How Much Is Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Alcohol recovery is an expensive investment but it’s always worth the cost.  There is no standard amount of alcohol treatment. It all depends on the severity of your addiction and the type of rehab facility you visit.

In order to cut cost on your medication. Find out if your health insurance company covers addiction recovery. Seek help from your family and friends in case the bill is just overwhelming.

How Long Is Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

There is no set time for outpatient alcohol treatment. It can take weeks or months depending on your determination, discipline and ability to follow advice given by your doctor. The kind of care and support given during treatment also matters the speed of your recovery.

Looking For The Right Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

If you are looking for the best outpatient rehab centre that meets your need, we can help you find one. Call us now and let us how we can help you.